I'm actually surprised that this information hasn't been released sooner since Seinfeld has been off the air for about fifteen years now, so kudos to Uproxx for scoring this awesome scoop. In a new interview with Jerry Seinfeld himself, they were able to persuade the comedian to reveal his favorite moment ever from the legendary '90s sitcom. Well—OK, first they asked what his favorite episode was, then he declined to answer, and told them his favorite moment instead. Still, A+!

UPROXX: Something I’ve always been curious about: what’s your favorite personal episode of Seinfeld?

Seinfeld: If I gave that to you it would be such a scoop and I don’t feel that you have the level of prestige to get that scoop. Because I get asked that question almost every day and I do have a favorite but I just can’t give it to you.

UPROXX: Well, I appreciate your honesty.

Seinfeld: But I will tell you this: my favorite moment of the show is George pulling out the golf ball at the end of the marine biologist episode. That’s my favorite moment from the entire series. He pulls out that ball and Kramer says, “Is that a Titleist?”

The clip is thankfully available on YouTube, so we can all watch it again with this gem of knowledge in mind.

The whole interview itself is worth checking out, really—in addition to his favorite Seinfeld moment, Seinfeld also discusses Bryan Cranston's guest role as the dentist Tim Whatley on the series (and if he ever thought Cranston would be one of the most famous stars on television), what his favorite TV shows are, and then he admonishes Uproxx for calling him on a cell phone. Read it in full here.

[via Uproxx]

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