Good news for fans of quality television shows that everyone should be watching: According to Vulture, Showtime has officially renewed new series Masters of Sex for a second season, based on already-rave reviews and the show's general awesomeness. Rejoice!

Oh, yeah, Homeland was unsurprisingly renewed as well—but with the way that show seems to be going, we're conflicted on how to feel about it. Is the series salvagable? There's still hope, but only if they spend the rest of season three moving away from being a carbon copy of 24 and going back to the genius that was season one. If they're able to pull that off, next season could actually be good! But, then again...look at what happened to Dexter, and how Showtime is still reluctant to let that show go

Everyone should definitely watch Masters of Sex, though.

[via Vulture]