Video game cancellations aren't an everyday occurence, but their rarity doesn't offer any succor when it comes to titles we were genuinely excited about.

More common are delays, as was recently the case with Ubisoft's Watchdogs and PS4 launch title, Drive Club. As a consumer, I'd rather have a game delayed in order to assure a finished, bug-free product, but when a game gets cancelled outright, especially when the title is close to completion can be pretty rough. Rockstar delayed Grand Theft Auto V because they wanted to release a product that would reflect their reputation in the marketplace, and, yes, those seven months sucked, but September 17 came and we are all grateful for it. The GTAV online experience is still a work in progress, and because of Rocsktar's reputation, they are afforded capital as the online experience takes shape.

When a game is scrapped out right, as are all on those on this list, we are denied an experience that was, at one point, ostensibly, sold to us. These games all generated heat at one point only to be snuffed out to some combination of politics, fiscal fat-trimming, studio extinction, or some combination thereof.

Here is our list of Heartbreakers: The Most Crushing Video Game Cancellations

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