On Tuesday Valve registered Half-Life 3 as a trademark only a week after announcing Steam Machines as a new living room dominating, Steam streaming micro-console. Last night an image emerged on Reddit where a user posted a screenshot of internal development groups working at Valve. One is marked Half-Life 3. So why all the chatter from Valve? Valve is a notoriously tight-lipped company who have been known to go into media blackout for long periods before dropping bombs like the Steam Machines. Is "Half-Life 3" really in development or is Valve boss Gabe Newell just stringing us along?

The image below was posted on Reddit last night just hours after Valve registered Half-Life 3 trademark (full image above). Trademarks certainly aren't an indicator that game is going to be made, but then again it seems like a well-timed event.

However there is speculation about when this screenshot was actually taken. It could be years old only to suggest that Half-Life 3 was in some stage of development at some time. If you want to take a plunge down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, the Reddit thread offers a myriad of possibilities.

There is however no doubt that Half-Life 3 has been trademarked and it is still a game we would kill to play, even theoretically. Valve seems to enjoy releasing news is threes as in the SteamOS, Steam Machines and Steam Controller announcements last week. We reached out to Valve but have not yet received comment.

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