Though Google+ is a stepchild in the family of social networks, the company is still rolling out updates that will make the users who do use the network pretty happy.

Google announced that established accounts, meaning, accounts that have a profile photo, have at least 10 followers, and are at least 30 days old, can now choose their own custom URL. So, if your current profile has a URL that's something like, you can now change it to It's something that you should at least look into, even if you use Google+ only occasionally, so that you can reserve the name you want, and aren't stuck with something wack when Google+ finally becomes something big. (Cough.) If you do meet the requirements, but still don't have the option to customize the URL, you should see it sometime in the next week. Brands and companies have been able to do this since last year; so don't go trying pull a slick one and reserve a handle that you hope a company will pay you for. Plus is still a long way from that point, kid. Get your URL here.

Google also announced 18 new updates, which include chatting through text message and better looking photos when they're uploaded.

[via CNET]