From treehouses to jumbo jet cockpits to private islands, just about any kind of accomodation can be booked for the right price. These days, spending a night in a lighthouse or a windmill is as easy as logging onto AirBnB and finding a willing owner. 

Whether they were built as art installations, the cornerstone of a philosophical movement or just as a good old-fashioned wild idea, these living spaces push the concept of overnight stays in new directions. Stay somewhere so quiet the only thing you can hear is your own breathing, or so small you can bring the house on an elevator, or so unusual you'll feel like your talking out of your ass when you call up your friends from inside. It's all possible.

All of these unusual and experimental places can be yours for a night or more with just a few mouse clicks. Travel safely—or make sure you have an escape pod handy for the night.

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