Some people go to extreme lengths to prevent their spouses from getting money during messy divorces, but if this is true, it's downright insane. Earl Ray Jones of Divide, Colo. (what a hilariously perfect name) allegedly converted he and his wife's savings into gold and disposed of it to keep her from getting any money in their divorce. That's $500,000 down the drain, just like that. 

The couple had been married for 25 years, but Jones' wife filed for divorce after he allegedly held her captive and beat her during a dispute about money. 

It remains unclear if Jones actually followed through with his maniacal plan, as no one witnessed the act and authorities have yet to find any gold at landfills in the area. In June, a judge ordered Jones to pay his wife $3,000 a month; he claimed that he had cleaned out their joint retirement and investment accounts, then had the money converted into 22 pounds of gold after his attempt to withdraw the money in cash was denied. 

As ugly as this situation is, Jones has bigger problems: he was convicted of assault in September and will be sentenced on Nov. 4.

[via Gawker]

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