Is this a match made in teen drama heaven? Diablo Cody, the Academy award winning screenwriter behind Juno, and Josh Schwartz, creator of Chuck, Gossip Girl and The Best Teen Drama Series Of All Time The O.C. have brought their high school inclined minds together to write Prodigy, a new one-hour pilot for FOX, release unspecified.

The premise is as follows: a 16 year-old home-schooled brainiac decides it's time to try and navigate the social waters of high school, to preapre for college. Naturally she gets mixed up with the wild element and spirals out of control. Cody will head up the series, and Schwartz's Fake Empire Productions will produce, but we're hoping he contributes a few scripts as well. We're expecting endearingly quirky dialog and a score comprised of the best new alternative music out. And greatness.

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[via EW]

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