It's amazing how quickly a good deed can turn into a horrible mistake. A whole block of residents from China's Xi'an, Shaanxi  province were displaced by the construction of a public park, so they were promised a brand new block of apartments in return. Unfortunately, the city planners somehow forgot about the eight-lane highway that they were supposed to build in the exact same place. 

So after residents enjoyed their new apartments for a few months, council members asked if they'd be willing to move so the construction of the highway could proceed. It takes balls and a lot of audacity to ask someone who's already been uprooted due to one construction project to move again because you made a mistake. 

The tenants refused, so the council decided to go the hazard route and build the highway around the building. Despite the obvious inconvenience, residents are adjusting to it. Rush hour traffic is still bad in the area though, meaning it was all for nothing.

[via Gizmodo]

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