Would you watch a reboot of Charmed? CBS, apparently, is banking on it: According to Vulture, the network is reportedly attempting to reboot the mid-'90s Aaron Spelling-produced WB series, with Party of Five co-creator Chris Keyser and his partner Syndey Sidner "re-imagining" the series for modern times. Is this because American Horror Story: Coven is doing so well right now? It's probably because of that. Witches are the new trend du jour.

Anyway, the premise sounds like pretty much the same thing, though: It follows a "sisterhood of witches who use their powers for good." No word on if that means the power of three like in the original series, but come on, it's got to, right? Someone save Shannon Doherty from those Education Connection online college commercials, please.

From Vulture:

It's still very early in the development process: CBS has only ordered a script for a pilot, and it hasn't committed to filming anything...But it's not hard to see why this reboot is being put together.

For one thing, horror and fantasy are hot right now on TV: The Walking Dead is TV's biggest show among viewers under 50; American Horror Story: Coven has been massive this fall; Lifetime is doing okay ratings with the Charmed- inspired Witches of East End; Once Upon a Time is ABC's biggest Sunday hit; and NBC's Grimm has been one of the network's few success stories in recent years.

So, yeah, it's because of Coven.

[via Vulture]

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