Breaking Bad has only been over for one week, but as we've been reminded constantly these past couple of months, the universe won't end there. The confirmation that AMC is going ahead with Better Call Saul, the spin-off prequel that will chronicle the misadventures of dirty lawyer Saul Goodman before he ever hears the name Heisenberg Walter White has polarized the fanbase.

On one hand, fans who love Saul and the show are glad that there's more stories in this world to come, even if it's only tangentially related. But some are fearful that it will end up as yet another ultimately unnecessary spin-off and potentially degrade Breaking Bad's legacy. While doing press for his book with David Cross, Hollywood Said No!, Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk, spoke with Salon about an issue the wary half of the fanbase has been worried about: tone. And while Goodman mostly served up much needed moments of levity on BB, Odenkirk's comment is promising. Here's the excerpt:

Will there be a sort of “Mr. Show” influence, or any levity or humor at all, in “Better Call Saul,” or will it be as pitch dark as the final seasons of “Breaking Bad”?

Odenkirk: Vince Gilligan and the writers will make the ultimate decision, but Vince has told me, the last time he talked to me, he said that it will be slightly more dark than it is funny. That’s an interesting balance to strike. And I’m excited.

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[via Salon]