Bill Nye may have been voted off Dancing With the Stars last night, but he went out in the best way possible: By performing a dance to Daft Punk's song of the summer, "Get Lucky," with his partner, Tyne Stecklein...whilst dressed as a robot, doing the robot. Why? Who knows. He's Bill Nye, and he can do whatever he wants is a pretty good explanation, though.

Also worth noting is that Bill Nye actually performed this entire dance while injured—he revealed earlier this week that he had a partially torn ligament, and doctors had advised him not to dance on it. He did anyway, though, because he got some sort of "crazy treatment" that involved, according to USA Today, injecting "platelet-rich plasma, which is where they take platelets from your blood in your arm, and poke them into the tendon and to-be-repaired area. It excites the cells in the right way to bring 'em around faster than they would otherwise."

In other words, science.

You can check out the performance above. If you see anything weirder/more awkward/epic/amazing than this video today, please, refer me to it.

[via Uproxx]