Best menu item: Ft. Worth Ribeye
Locations: 400

"If your employees are having fun, they are going to have fun with the guests." No, this isn't a quote from the CEO of Chuck E. Cheese, this a comment from Texas Roadhouse founder Kent Taylor. Texas Roadhouse differentiates itself from the rest of the mass-market steakhouses by creating and then controlling a culture of "rowdiness." This focus on a specific atmosphere with happy employees was hard to sustain during the recent recession, but Texas Roadhouse refused to cut down on recognition events and celebrations for employees during the economic downturn. Taylor ended up on the right side of that argument, as a recent study found that 70% of Texas Roadhouse's customers are repeat customers. If this makes you think the Roadhouse might be a good place to work, just be prepared for the possibility that you will might be forced to participate in line dancing as part of the job.