Given Hollywood's relentless quest for more of your money, it's strange that there exist tons of movies that have never been converted from an older home video format, like VHS or LaserDisc, to DVD so that they can be sold to you again. Some of the films that have never made the leap are old black-and-white classics, and the thinking must go that time has forgotten them—the market no longer exists.

But there are other films that have been prevented from seeing home video availability for more complicated reasons. Despite tenacious Internet petitioning and genuine followings, these movies will likely never see a re-release (or initial release) for legal issues. Lawsuits have stopped them dead. Thanks to the Internet, many of the most beloved, or notorious, of these movies have been posted in their entirety to sites like YouTube. Here are 20 Banned or Otherwise Unavailable Movies You Can Only Watch Online.

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