Teachers at Harlem's Early Life Children's Center knew they had a problem on their hands yesterday when a toddler showed up reeking of weed. Police say that teachers found 14 bags of marijuana inside of the three-year-old girl's Minnie Mouse backpack after noticing the tell-tale smell yesterday afternoon. 

Authorities would later arrest the girl's "cousin" (or a friend of her father, according to NY1), Kelly Mena. They're convinced that Mena, 24, forgot that the "substansial" quantity of marijuana was stashed in the toddler's backpack. Parents say that teachers are responsible for a slightly less egregious offense: not telling them about the incident. 

Mena was charged with criminal possession of marijuana and Gothamist says that the little girl has now been turned over to child welfare services

[via Gothamist and NY1]