Fuck leaving on bad terms, one restaurant went through an ugly breakup with a Texas town and couldn't be more happy about moving on. Italian restaurant Sava! recently departed Amarillo, Tex., but not before leaving behind a sign explaining its departure:

You sorry assed, rednecked sacked of goat sperm had no idea what you had here!" reads the exclamation-point-heavy "Not Sorry We're Closed" sign. "Good luck with your pre-packaged frozen shit food in this town. Maybe you'll remember us when you're boning your sister and think she smells like pasta. We are off to make money in a town whose average IQ is above room temperature! CIAO!!!

The parting sentiment burns like hot sauce in an open wound. However, a message left on the restaurant's Facebook page denied any involvement with the sign. That's strange, because it's definitely posted behind the glass door.

Maybe Sava! and Lubbock will get along better.

[via Gawker]