Context is everything. Except on the Internet. Thanks to GIFs, context-less clips from movies and television shows abound. They've become our computerized feeling-enhancers. You think everyone around you just doesn’t get it? The GIF of Charlie Day threatening to smack people into fragments displays those emotions exactly. Better even, funnier. Though, amongst all the laughs, we may have done irreparable damage to Nicolas Cage’s career. Oh well, moving on.

Along the way, we've lost the backstory behind our favorite GIFs, but digging up their history just might give you a newfound appreciation for them. Did you know that the extremely popular and infinitely adaptable GIF of a bearded man giving a nod of approval is actually Robert Redford and taken from an ultra-masculine Western? Not likely. As such, let’s revisit these glorious moments and get into Explaining the Origins of Your Favorite Movie and TV GIFs

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