The good news for these Ohio State University students is that their house isn't haunted. The bad news is that they had an extra roommate they didn't know about residing in their basement. This is obviously cause for concern, but at least he was friendly.

This ghost roommate, who's named Jeremy, is allegedly also a student. He gained access to the home through his cousin, who lived there last year. The thing is, he never left. The residents dismissed strange noises as a ghost simply making their supernatural presence felt, but a maintenance team eventually discovered a fully-assembled bedroom behind the door. 

Brett Mugglin recalls running into a stranger in the basement (because that's not alarming), but is now convinced that it was Jeremy. "He was a nice enough guy," he explained to OSU student paper The Latern"He just wasn’t supposed to be there." We suppose that's the best attitude to have about it.

The mysterious jeremy was formally kicked out of the house, but was allowed to gather all of his worldly possessions first.

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