Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Tony Daniel
Release date: October 9

What fun is a power couple if they don’t go around fighting with the gods? In Superman/Wonder Woman, we get a look at how Clark and Diana maintain their relationship as they balance their personal life with their duty to protect the Earth from evil. Under the guidance of burgeoning superstar writer Charles Soule and artist Tony Daniel, this book looks to kick subtlety to the curb and focus on the blockbuster action and widescreen destruction that we would expect from these two characters, especially since the first story arc includes Superman’s most muscle-bound foe, Doomsday.

If the battles these characters take part in span cities, countries, and planets, it’s only natural that their romance should be just as epic. While we’re sure Soule and Daniel will provide us with plenty of eye-popping action scenes, we wonder if we’re going to be a fly on the wall of their relationship once the lights go out.