Metroid: Other M was not the first time Nintendo outsourced their long-running non-linear sci-fi series to another company, but Team Ninja’s decidedly Japanese (as in, Japanese outside of Nintendo) take on the franchise wasn’t exactly a highlight for most fans.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto said that when it comes to a potential return to Metroid, Texas-based developers Retro Studios, who made the Metroid Prime trilogy, are a strong candidate to herald the return of Samus, whenever that may be.

“I think Retro has really come to a point at which it’s possible for it to have multiple lines running at the same time and having different projects in development,” Miyamoto said. “I totally think there are possibilities to see different projects from Retro in the future.”

While Retro is busy right now finishing up development on the Wii U exclusive Donkey Kong: Jungle Freeze, their nearly flawless track record working with Nintendo is certainly suggestive of a position where the team could theoretically start working on Metroid again, even if other projects were on the table. While this is hardly a confirmation of a Wii U outing for Samus, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo was already prepping Retro for just that.

Via Nintendo Insider