Kojima and Metal Gear Solid V released a special demo for last weeks Tokyo Game Show. Check out these twelve minutes of a side ops mission featuring a new tagging system that players will feel similar to the system in Far Cry 3, to find and capture targets.

In this video, Big Boss is hiding in the back of a truck while peering over to find an undercover agent. Potential targets are tagged with his binoculars or weapon scope. This demo was specially made for the tight time limits of the Tokyo Game Show, so it was fairly easy to spot the target but Kojima, the game's developer, says that in the actual game such missions would be much harder.

Once Big Boss grabs the target and gets the information from him, he knocks out the double agent to preserve his cover and proceeds to the final target, this time a tape. But not all goes as planned as Big Boss is discovered and must shoot his way out to a called-in helicopter. But when the helicopter is shot down he must find another way out, this time by armored car.

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[Via Kotaku]