Watching Full House in the '90s, growing delighted at the sight of that car full of lily-white middle-class happiness, didn't you want to grab Uncle Jesse by his dark mane of hair and tell him about how you lost your virginity? Yahoo!, the search engine equivalent of an incontinent grandparent you don't like to visit, heard your prayer. In its infinite wisdom, Yahoo! has produced an original web series of five-minute shorts in which John Stamos asks celebrities about how they lost their virginity. It's called—God help us—Losing It With John Stamos

What do you lose watching Losing It With John Stamos? Self-respect, brain power, faith in the future, the will to live. In that order. Please understand that we are not encouraging you to watch this show. Having lived through that, there is nothing positive to report from that ravaged kingdom of shame. But you can get a glimpse into the most cripplingly embarrassing moments of the show with this breakdown of the ten episodes.

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