Developer: Capcom 
Release date: 
Platform: NES/Arcade

Our introduction to this incredibly hard game came in arcade form. With colorful and engrossing graphics we were sucked in. Only to find that we game up a small fortune in quarters desperately trying to keep our clothes on. Ghosts ‘n Goblins is all about armor and preferably keeping it on. One hit and little Arthur is in his underwear, two hits and Arthur’s dead.

The level design and variety of foes make the game difficult to adapt to as Arthur is being attacked on all sides. Possibly the most frustrating and tear-inducing feature of the game was that, unlike nearly all of its counterparts, once Arthur jumped in Ghosts ‘n Goblins the player lost all control of where he would land.

So why did we keep playing? Because the game has everything we love right there in the title. The undead, fire dragons, knights and great art so that we didn’t mind not getting past the first level; just playing felt rewarding.

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