Far Cry 3’s crazy neon-and-synth stand-alone expansion Blood Dragon sounded like a joke when it came out of nowhere earlier this year, but its sales are no laughing matter – the current-gen DLC has sold over a million units, according Ubisoft.

Speaking to Game Informer, CEO Yves Guillemot not only confirmed that number, but also said that Ubisoft will look to expand into more smaller, riskier digital titles in the future.

“What’s changing is that there’s also more digital sales. It means that you can come out with games that are smaller in size but bigger in innovation because you don’t target a huge group,” Guillemot said. “You will see more and more of those in the future.”

Given that both Blood Dragon and the company’s other recently-released standalone Call of Juarez: Gunslinger are both arguably much better games than their boxed-release series predecessors – not to mention the woeful lack of innovation in most triple-A games these days anyway – this definitely seems like a good thing.

A big-budget publisher pledging for more creative content without sacrificing production values? Sign us up. Check out the link below for the rest of the interview, where Guillemot discusses smartphones, next-gen and other Ubisoft plans for the future.

Via Game Informer