Attn: The wealthier Breaking Bad superfans out there amongst us (or those who spend what little money they have AWESOMELY, we don't judge) this post is for you. With production officially over and the series itself gearing up to air its last two episodes this month, Sony has put a bunch of memorable props from the show up for auction on Screenbid—and by a bunch, I mean hundreds of items.

Everything from Hank's minerals to Walt's copy of "Leaves of Grass" to the Lily of the Valley plant to Walt's old Pontiac Aztek to the mysterious pink teddy's all there. Even Hector Salamanca's bell is there, going for a cool $3,500 (starting bid)! And Walter White's briefs from episode one, pretty weird.

As The Verge points out, the items aren't being auctioned off for charity, but instead for profit—the money will go to Sony Pictures, as Screenbid is a site that studios generally use to make money from unwanted props. 

The items up for auction, which can be seen here on Screenbid, will be available until October 8th. Whoever buys Hector Salamanca's bell BETTER use it to annoy people. 

[via The Verge]