Sometimes real life obligations can really get in the way of our virtual ones. It’s not everyday that you can be the first to play Grand Theft Auto V or be one of the first online in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Unfortunately not everyone in our lives may agree. They’ll insist that we just have to go to our best friends wedding and can’t miss a day of work.

Calling into work to play games may get you an eye-roll and a pink slip, but is being honest worse than killing off another distant fictitious aunt or claiming your thumb drive with the big meeting’s presentation on it be eaten by your dog, again? It’s time to stop making up excuses. Our virtual lives are valid too and employers, family and friends need to start understanding that we’re not just “playing games,” we’re living our virtual lives.

We’re by no means encouraging gamers to call into work for the next big video game launch. But if you do, maybe try to be honest. Instead of getting a horrible last minute cold of food poisoning from a made-up Mongolian sushi place, just be honest. You ate way too many Taco Bell $5 boxes trying to win a free PlayStation 4 and really need to do some Grand Theft Auto V yoga now.

Here are ten completely valid reasons to say home, play games and skip out on the man.

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