We all know that with the rise of open-world gaming, and first-person shooters, platforming games have become something of a lost art in the video game world. Certainly, there are some names we can turn to when we're starved for some new, old-school content—particularly, Rayman Legends and the upcoming A Hat In Time—but, unfortunately, if we ever feel like playing a totally classic platforming game, we often have to turn back the clock and unearth one of our older consoles in order to relive the magic. 

With the release of SCE's newest platformer, Puppeteer, we got to thinking about what those truly classic 3D platforming titles have been over the years. Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Ratchet & Clank...why is it that we don't see games like this anymore? To show you just how far away we've come from the genre, we put together a list of the 30 Greatest 3D Platformers Ever. Getting nostalgic? So are we. If only we could triple jump back in time, right? 

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