The rumor mill is going into overdrive ahead of next week’s iPhone media event, where Apple is expected to announce its line of next-generation smartphones. Among other speculations, a series of leaked images and components suggests the iPhone 5S may ship with a fingerprint sensor for extra-secure authentication. Take that, wannabe cell phone thieves.

Speaking on the This Week In Tech podcast last month, Fox News’ Clayton Morris claimed that fingerprint-detecting technology will “unequivocally” appear in the iPhone 5S, the device that’s expected to look pretty much like the current iPhone 5. Since then, a bevy of sites has substantiated Morris’ claim. Images published by Chinese tech site C Technology show a silver ring around the home button that is purported to be the sensor, and leaked photos over at Sonny Dickson show what the part could look like under the hood. If anything, the feature could give Apple a much-needed edge in its ongoing rivalry with Samsung.

Let’s not kid ourselves, though; iPhone rumors have turned out to be false time and time again (NFC chip, anyone?). And, true to form, the notoriously tight-lipped Apple has yet to reveal anything, so it looks like we’ll just have to twiddle our thumbs until the official announcement on Sept. 10.

[via The Verge]