Often misunderstood, Anthony Bourdain is one of Hollywood’s most mischaracterized and contradicting personas. He’s lazy yet busy, iconoclastic yet conforming, and charming yet extremely arrogant. Unabashed and willing to speak his mind, and most often crudely, he has positioned himself against a number of food critics and TV personalities including Rachael Ray and Paula Deen.

Besides serving up some of television’s finest food and travel shows, he also boasts an impressive cooking repertoire, once serving as the executive chef of a New York fine restaurant. Despite the notorious attention for his crude behavior, he is as real as it gets. Here is a man who readily acknowledges that nearly 30 years ago he was working on the clock at New York’s finest restaurants but now prefers to host some of TV's best travel series like CNN's Parts Unknown.

To understand Bourdain's confounding personality a little better, here are 25 things you didn’t known about Anthony Bourdain.

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