Some students enjoy the anonymity of settling into the back of a lecture hall and spending class delving deep into the agrarian world of FarmVille. Other students are in college to escape a life of laboring on an actual farm. Frankly, you have two choices in how you approach college. Some view coursework as a means to an end, four years of sitting that unlock the doors to a life of being paid to sit, ideally in as large an office as possible. Others view their studies as an opportunity to learn about what you love without having to worry about monetizing it. If you fall into the former camp, continue looking at Instagram photos of butts during lectures. If you are interested in learning, don't feel like you have to do so with three hundred other FarmVille-playing, ass-staring students. You will have to take a class or two in a huge lecture hall, but outside of Intro to Psych, you can usually avoid impersonal PowerPoint-based courses. Ask around and see if there are classes that cover the same requirements but offer more personal attention. If a hundred kids are failing a course, the professor won't likely have time to share your concern over your B- average.