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If you didn't already know that life was cruel and unfair, you'll be made keenly aware of that fact shortly after college graduation. Some of your friends whose collegiate studies barely extended over the edge of their custom-made bong will land six figure jobs while others suffer through the unemployment line. Some of your buds will land inexplicably attractive girlfriends despite their ever-growing beer gut, largely due to their six figure jobs. You probably already saw these things coming. One thing you might not be prepared for is that some of your friends will lose their hair as soon as they take off that graduation cap while others will take a full head of luxurious locks with them to the grave. It's tough holding back time's cruel march over your thinning scalp, but if you're starting to have more in common with Elmer Fudd than a distaste for rabbits, it might be time to give this magic comb a shot. Don't worry, the HairMax is FDA approved, so lasers are officially not just for world-conquering madmen anymore. Enjoy.