Egosoft's new space simulation X Rebirth launches on November 15 after seven years in development.

Bernd Lehahn, head of the German studio, said X Rebirth has taken so long to make because the developer wanted to achieve a "huge scale."

"I do not mean the physical size of the universe which is easy to increase," he said. "I am talking about a living, breathing futuristic universe crawling with life. "Call them details, but at the end of the day they matter, and make the universe real."

The series started way back in 2000 with X: Beyond the Frontier, X Rebirth will be the sixth in the series but has made the universe far more accessible than its predecessors. According to Egosoft the economic systems of the game will run by themselves, players just need to exploit them. We can expect streamlined controls and simplified menus; the menus systems of previous games might as well been a mini-game add-on because of their complexity. Egosoft promises that players will no longer need a PhD in advanced game menus to get underway.

Get X Rebirth for PC on Steam when it drops on November 15.

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