A Dota 2 gamer visiting Valve's offices snapped a photo that seems to suggest the existence of Left 4 Dead 3 and the Source 2 engine. Shot by a member of the Dota 2 Reddit community who were invited to visit Valve for the Dota 2 International this week the screen shows correspondence of current projects.

The close-up photo shows network-debugging details about L4D3 inside the Source2 engine. Perhaps they just inadvertently leaked the big news everyone's been waiting for this month's Gamescon in Germany.

If we look hard enough I'm sure we can find Half-Life 3 in there somewhere. In fact rumors leaked in June that Valve had set up names within the Steam updates for L4D3 and Half-Life 3, but it's nice to see it might actually be happening.

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[Via Reddit]