Twitter just updated the way it displays conversations on its timeline. By adding a blue line between tweets, the company aims to make following replies easier, while making the whole experience feel more like an actual conversation.

Like so:

The new look is now up on and the mobile apps. Interestingly enough, the blue line list is ordered from oldest to newest, instead of the other way around. Twitter used to work by listing things from newest to oldest, so it's a reversal from the way things used to be. Confusing? Yeah, a little. It's as if someone restacked the paragraphs of a book page from bottom to top, and had you read that way.

As you can imagine, people had mixed reactions to the new look:

Either way, this is how things are going to stay for a while. Check out the video above to learn how the new blue line system works. Then voice your frustrations in a tweet.

[via CNET]