As if you needed any more reason to swoon over Titanfall, the developers have stated that they aren't really feeling the whole microstransaction thing.

According to Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe, 

"I don't think we've really gotten that far," 

"We've been so singularly focussed on creating this game and getting it out. We're a small team and we just go project by project. It's something that we'll have to think about later on. Although for this one, I know we got asked a lot early on, like, will [we] be going near microtransactions, are you going to do that? That's not us.

"This has been such a journey that I think we're just like, 'Okay, get this one out the door and then we'll worry about everything else'."

Well kiss me on the mouth. While Respawn has said that DLC is totally a possibility, it's nice to see some developers moving away from a toxic practice.

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[via Videogamer]