None of these guys are officially confirmed yet, but Deadline seems to know what they're talking about when it comes to rumors, so we're going to go ahead and say it's pretty likely these are the people we will be seeing on Saturday Night Live next year. According to the site, the possibilities are: Michael Patrick O'Brien, Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, and Noël Wells

So, who are these people? Let's do a quick run-through:

Beck Bennett is probably the most recognizable face on this list. The dude has recently been starring in a series of commercials for AT&T titled 'It's Not Complicated,' in which is plays a deadpan businessman interviewing a group of kids at tiny tables about various things related to AT&T products and various other things, like werewolves:

This is a pretty exciting addition just for that, so it just sweetens the deal when you consider that he's a member in the comedy troupe "Good Neighbor," and he once played "'Straight' Straightbait Actor" the fourth season of Arrested Development.

That brings us to Kyle Mooney, who is also apart of the comedy troupe "Good Neighbor" with Bennett. Amongst this dude's accomplishments: First off, he's got 18,000+ Twitter followers, which is 17,848 more than me, and he seems to have a pretty large presence of YouTube in various web shows and short films. He also appeared in a short film for Intel in 2012, which was directed by Lake Bell:

The next possible addition is John Milhiser, who has actually worked with SNL creator Lorne Michaels in the past—just last month, he wrote/directed and starred in a Step Up parody of Michaels' YouTube channel, Above Average, which was titled Clap It Up:

Another probably recognizable face is that of Noël Wells, who's had a large Internet presence since 2011, when she began starring in a web series titled The Zooey Deschanel Show. Just like the title suggests, she portrayed Zooey Deschanel in the series, and did an epic job at that—we urge you to watch the below video and just try to claim she doesn't sound identical to Zooey:

As for the fifth and final possibility, Michael Patrick O'Brien is the only one on this list who has actually been with SNL before. O'Brien is actually a writer for SNL, and has been for the past four years, making it all the more likely that he'll be joining the show come next season. He's also had a web series called 7 Minutes In Heaven, in which he interviewed (and sometimes kissed) celebrities in a closet. Here is one episode where he made out with Patricia Clarkson:

We will, of course, have more information on who is confirmed to join SNL when it becomes available.

[via Deadline]