Samsung might be stealing a little thunder away from Apple by announcing their new smart watch about a week before Apple announces their updated iPhone. 

Though there are not a lot of details around the smart watch's price and features, it is said to allow users to make phone calls, send emails and surf the net. Samsung is reportedly set to announce the device—which is reportedly called the Galaxy Gear—on Sept. 4, six days before Apple's Sept. 10 event. Also, Samsung's event will be two days before the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany, where they may announce the Galaxy Note 3, too. 

“Wearable devices could be one of the trends in the smartphone market," said Chung Chang Won, an analyst at Nomura Holdings Inc. in Seoul, South Korea. "But I’m not sure yet whether watches or glasses will set the trend.”

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the Galaxy Gear will have a flexible screen, but the company is looking into implementing that into later versions. 

Apple: hurry up with the iWatch, because it seems like you're getting beaten to the punch. Talkin' the talk...

[via Bloomberg]