When Dead Space 3 debuted in March, many took umbrage (and rightly so) with EA’s shoehorned-in microtransactions, which allowed players to use cash to buy materials to upgrade weapons throughout single-player. While the Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome seems to continue this alarming trend, the developers have been adamant in saying that this multiplayer-only flourish will break the game.

"The whole idea of the micro-monetization thing is that it's trying to give an option to people who want to trade a couple of bucks for a couple of hours," Ryse multiplayer producer Erik Olsen recently told Polygon.

Basically in-game gold, earned in both single and multiplayer modes, can be used to buy booster packs featuring random assortments of armor. Players can buy gold or booster packs directly if they don’t feel like grinding. (They can also buy armor that just looks cool.) However, a player can only use cash to grab items from whatever ranked tier their character is.

While many will probably still decry any sort of continued push towards the need to include microtransactions in console games – as well they probably should – confining them to multiplayer is probably the best way of using them. Read more about it via the link below.

Via Polygon