Wong Kar-wai’s new film The Grandmaster tells the tale of Ip Man, the martial arts legend who trained Bruce Lee. In honor of the film’s release, the filmmakers invite you to complete the Three Stages of Mastery by way of an interactive feature on the movie’s official site.

Stage One is Being, in which you are introduced to the three martial arts styles of Wing Chun, Bagua, and Xingyi. In order to complete this first stage, you must successfully learn how to meld all three.

Stage Two is Knowing, in which you must gather all the knowledge you can about The Grandmaster and the man whose story it tells!

Stage Three is Doing. Download some super cool GIFs. Share them on Facebook with your friends. Take in all the martial arts magic that The Grandmaster has to offer.

Upon completing this stage, you will become a martial arts master! You’ll basically be the next Bruce Lee. (Well, let’s not go crazy.)

To check out the Three Stages of Mastery interactive feature, visit thegrandmasterfilm.com. The Grandmaster is currently playing in NY and LA, and hits theaters nationwide on August 30. But don’t wait—buy your tickets now!