Video games have always been a place for competition. Ever since arcade games evolved into the home console, and eventually modem based and online games, we’ve been trying to take each other down a notch. From the beginning of Doom and Quake to the techno RTS luster of StarCraft and Dota we run down the cream of the crop.

Somewhere along the way a whole new type of gamer emerged, one with talent and the ability to know a game inside and out. Millions of players have entered the competitive arena since its inception but only a few have truly dominated at their respective games.

We take a look at a few of the most notable pro gaming athletes and how they changed this emerging arena of sports around the world. There are tons of emerging pro gaming athletes out there and great games that are not covered herein - we take a look back so that we can be informed as we go forward. Today’s up and coming gaming legends stand on the shoulders of giants.

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