It's been a while since Paz de la Huerta was cut from the HBO series Boardwalk Empire at the end of season two, and a lot has changed for both the show and actress since then: Boardwalk Empire got a lot more bloody (HBO, never change), and Paz de La Huerta hung out with Terry Richardson a lot. She also worked on a book of photography, The Birds Didn't Die Over the Winter, alongside photographer Alexandra Carr, which was released earlier this year.

It would seem like her Boardwalk Empire days are over, but according to the actress herself, that may not necessarily be the case: She told Fox News of all sites all about it too, when they caught up with her at a book signing in LA:

“I had a great experience on ‘Boardwalk Empire,’” de la Huerta told FOX411 exclusively at Arcana in Culver City, Calif., where she was signing copies of her new book, “The Birds Didn’t Die Over The Winter.”

“I’m still close with the producers. Terry [Terence Winter] always says it’s possible for me to come back.”

Right. So, the only thing missing in that sentence is her screaming "HINT, HINT, HINT" then holding up a sign that reads 'Terence Winter, call me!' Basically.

De la Huerta’s character, Lucy Danziger, was last seen in season two on the hit series, shortly after giving birth to a baby with Michael Shannon’s character, Van Alden. She then went out to get formula for the baby and never returned.

But de la Huerta is optimistic that Danzinger has turned her life around in the seasons since. “I would love to come back with Lucy as a loving, doting mother.”

There is maybe a five percent chance of this ever happening, but shh, let her believe. Maybe she should have held up that sign for real after all.

[via Uproxx]