Proof backing up the theory that Nicolas Cage may actually be a either a time traveler or possibly an immortal vampire or something just keeps rolling in. First, there was that picture of his "civil war-era doppelganger" that popped up on eBay in 2011, and now this—a clear drawing of Nic Cage, in the history books.

The picture was posted online by a Redditor, who claims to have found it in a Mexican history book that had a section on the 19th century Mexican Emperor Maximilian I. Sure enough: A quick Google search of Max over there confirms he looks a hell of a lot like Nic Cage. He probably is Nic Cage, actually, because Nic Cage is everyone, and everyone is Nic Cage. 

Amongst the ranks of other stars like Cage who have historical doppelgangers/are probably vampires or time travelers: Keanu Reeves, who has popped up in history once in 1570, and once in 1875, John Travolta, who was probably reincarnated from the 1860s, and Alec Baldwin, who has popped up once as a recently deceased former Elks Lodge president, and once as a member of the Norwegian government. Someone should start keeping a list of these things.

[via Uproxx]