A new study has revealed the least surprising marijuana-related news imaginable: It's the world's most popular, least deadly illegal drug. Published by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, the study stated that the most deadly drugs were codeineOxycotin and Vicodin. There were an estimated 78,000 deaths due to illegal drug use in 2010—painkiller addiction accounted for over half of them. 

Furthermore, the study learned that 20-something men are the most frequent abusers and RussiaBritain and Australia joined the U.S. as the most drug-riddled countries. Study authors say that even if the data isn't concrete, it still speaks volumes about drug problems worldwide. "Even if it is not very solid data, we can say definitely that there are drug problems in most parts of the world," co-author Theo Vos explained.

Vos also stressed the need for drug reform across the globe, because the countries with the most strident penalties had worse death rates for addicts than those who looked to other methods to deal with the issue. Anyway, all of the potheads out there can "celebrate" the findings of this study...even tough they already knew this.

[via Gothamist]

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