Close those curtains, ladies. On Wednesday night, the NYPD arrested 24-year-old Gabriel Cardona for allegedly using his cell phone to film a woman masturbating in the privacy of her Williamsburg apartment from the elevated J train platform at Marcy Avenue

The victim, a teacher, was shocked and appalled. “It’s horrible. It’s creepy and it’s nasty,” said the 29-year-old to the New York Post“I felt really safe in that neighborhood, but now that this happened I don’t feel safe.” To increase safety, she should take extra precautions and kill the lights; shut the blinds or something. 

Cardona says he isn't a predator, he just happened upon the voyeur's fantasy. "I was not going to put the video on YouTube. It was a thrill for me and I was going to show it to my girlfriend," he told the police, possibly revealing the freaky details of his love life. Police were not moved—he was charged with unlawful surveillance.

[via New York Post and Gothamist]