Apple and Microsoft may be going at it hard in the tablet wars, but on one front, they're both taking a hit: laptops and PC sales are hemorrhaging.

It's a cannibalization: as iPad eats up more of the market, Macs are getting caught in its bites. So much so, that NPD (a consumer market research group) has reported that Apple's Mac sales were down for July, and are expected to drop 5-percent year over year. Mac sales will likely drop this fiscal quarter, just as they did last quarter ending in June. Microsoft's Windows PCs are also taking a hit, and have had to lower their shipments as demand decreases. Even Lenovo, the largest PC maker in the world, reported that they are selling more tablets and smartphones now than they do computers. 

Have you ditched your computer for a tablet, or even something as small as your smartphone? 

[via CNET]