Lisa Robin Kelly, of That 70s Show fame, died last night in her sleep, according to TMZ. She was 43. The actress was at a rehab facility, voluntairly, when she went into cardiac arrest. She's had a documented drinking problem since her time on the show—fans will remember that she left mid-series and was replaced by a different actress—and since 2010 she's accumulated DUIs and other charges. Her boyfriend, who helped check her in, attributes her most recent relapse to a falling out with her estranged husband, Robert Gilliam.

Last May Gilliam did 35 days for domestic battery after beating her in an attempt to obtain her 70s residual checks. Both the boyfriend and her agent say she was committed to cleaning up for good this time. She hadn't done much of note since That 70s Show but she'll always be remembered fondly as Laurie Foreman, Eric's dry-snitching, man-eating, Kelso-romancing, older sister.

[via TMZ]