If you were worried that Homeland wouldn't utilize Claire Danes' infamous cry face in season three, good news: Judging by this first trailer for the season, they know how much of a gem it is too.

The clip, clocking in at three minutes and featuring The Cinematic Orchestra's beautifully tragic song "To Build a Home," is definitely worth a watch, but we're going to go ahead and sum it up for you real quick anyway: Carrie cries, Saul looks exasperated, Carrie cries some more, Brody's got a buzz cut, Dana's sexting in suburbia, Carrie's still crying, Brody is maybe in the Middle East, Dana's converted to Islam, and Chris STILL HAS NOTHING TO DO. God. The poor kid just wants someone to play video games with him. 

Watch the trailer above. Homeland returns for its third season on Showtime on September 29th, at 9 PM.