Hurry up: if you're a movie fan like the rest of us, iTunes has one of the best deals you're ever going to find when it comes to movie bundles. As of right now, you can pick up digital versions of the entire Harry Potter series (that's eight movies), the Matrix triology, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy for just $10 bucks each. iTunes, you have answered our digital prayers.

There are a bunch of other collections for sale right now—some more expensive than their $10 counterparts—and they are deals none the less. Take the Godfather series: $20. Right now. Or the Jason Bourne movies: $21.99 (including the one without Matt Damon).

We don't know how long these deals will last, but give it a look. Just make sure to have some space on your hard drive: these babies are going to take up a lot of storage, but they're worth it. Head to iTunes to check 'em out.

[via Gizmodo]