Having developed the Dead Island series, you could say that Techland knows its way around an undead survival scenario. With Dying Light, it appears the developers are trying something new within the genre, combining quick Mirror’s Edge-style free running with open-world scavenging, exploration (not to mention gory zombie combat, duh), and thanks to a day/night cycle, even some stealth.

From the look of the gameplay that Machinima has posted, it actually all seems to work pretty seamlessly, although throughout the eleven minute demo it’s painfully obvious when the player is simply dawdling to show off scripted elements or design features. Interestingly, despite its seemingly very straightforward approach, Dying Light looks a lot more interesting than Dead Island ever did. Maybe that’s the next-gen rendering talking. Or it could just be that you can leap over zombies’ heads. You decide.

Via Machinima