BB: On Saints Row: The Third, we had that Adult Swim radio station, but that was more driven from marketing for hardcore Adult Swim fans. It was meant to be comical, the DJ sketches and the song selection were meant to be funny.

The best part about that station was the DJ, who was absolutely hilarious. Those skits were one of my favorite things on the radio. We liked the idea of a collaboration or of a showcase station. One of the things that we worked with earliest on with Josh was what labels could we approach as far as doing some kind of a collaboration.

We had a few that we looked at besides Mad Decent. One of the other ones we looked at was Fool's Gold. They had expressed interest in perhaps doing something. But Mad Decent, as far as their stable of artists, was definitely most fitting for the tone and the humor of Saints Row.

Saints Row is an everything but the kitchen sink kind of sandbox game, and Mad Decent, as far as their stable of artists, they are everything but the kitchen sink as far as a music label goes. They've got every kind of style of music that you could listen to, and they've got a huge following. They're not as mainstream as some other labels, but they have a handful of artists that are extremely popular. Their fans are the kinds of fans that we want checking out Saints Row for sure.

Track List

DJ: Riff Raff

Bonde Do Role (ft. Ce'cile) - "Brazilian Boys"

Clockwork - "Titan"

Dillon Francis - "I.D.G.A.F.O.S."

Dillon Francis (ft. Simon Lord) - "Messages"

Diplo (ft. Nicky Da B) - "Express Yourself"

DJ Snake (ft. Alesia) - "Bird Machine"

Djemba Djemba - "I Just Go"

ETC!ETC! and Brillz - "Swoop"

ETC!ETC!, Brillz and Diplo (ft. Whiskey Pete) - "Bueller"

GTA (ft. DJ Funk) - "Booty Bounce"

Jahan Lennon - "Can't Ruin My Fun"

LIZ (ft. RiFF RAFF) - "Underdogs"

RiFF RAFF - "Rookie Of The Year"

Three Loco - "Beer"

Toadally Krossed Out (ft. RiFF RAFF) - "Cray"

Yellow Claw - "W.O.L.F."

Zeds Dead - "Demons"